Interactive exhibition, The Woman Conference, Cluj-Napoca, March 10th, 2016

 „Art is a force that supports human nature. […] Learn to use it for what it’s really meant for: a constant source of support and encouragement for our better selves.”

~ Alain de Botton

This exhibition brings people closer to art, in an interactive way. Caught in the turmoil of everyday life, we often see art as something remote, an intangible option, a fad, a hobby, a passion, something that is worth investing in if you have the money, something that you’ll do once when you have the time, something you’ll buy when you’ll have money, etc.

Art is much closer than you think. It is accessible to everyone regardless of age, background, social status, time and space in general.

The purpose of this experiment-exhibition is to show, once again, that any artistic expression brings us into contact with parts of ourselves: a thought, an emotion, an inner value, a memory, a wish, a hope. The viewers will get the chance to spontaneously express emotions and feelings triggered by the pieces on show.

Exposing ourselves to any art form connects us to our values, known and unknown, conscious and unconscious, and is thus a vehicle for individual and social transformation.

The exhibition features works by:

Ligia Cremene, Carmen Diţiu, Mihaela Cîrlugea, and Laura Poantă.

What do they have in common? They are creative women for whom artistic expression is part of their everyday lives and not just a wish they postpone. People’s creativity is manifested through the ability to express themselves in different fields, in different areas and in very diverse ways. Proof of the profound creativity of the authors is that they have trained and work in areas which, in the traditional-industrialist vision, are not related to art: engineering, psychology, medicine, education. For these women creativity is not a hobby, it is a way of life.

At ’The Woman’ conference, art is given a central space, literally. Participants will be able to take the time to just be in front of a paiting, right in the middle of the exhibition area. Without the pressure to understand or explain “what this artwork represents”. Just looking and feeling. And give yourself permission to connect, for a few moments, with each piece and to receive a message, an emotion, a state. Then write them down, briefly. These will be different for each viewer, but there may be common elements as well.

“What does this picture awake in you?” Is it quietness, is it anxiety, calm or release, anger, fear, disgust or enthusiasm? It may be clarity or surprise, force, tenderness, hope, trust, belonging, courage, confirmation, sadness, nostalgia, serenity, joy, dreaming. All are parts of you, and a picture (any artistic expression) can activate them by resonating with them. These are values ​​and emotions that we live in our everyday lives or, on the contrary, we lack, or crave, or not even realize how seldom we experience them.

Ligia Cremene

Invincible smile

Carmen Diţiu

Mihaela Cîrlugea


Laura Poantă


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