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Creativity is not a hobby, it is a way of life.

Photo by Pavel Curagău


I’m nobody. Who are you?

Invincible smile

Invincible smile

~ No matter how hard it gets, this smile always wins 🙂 ~



~ She was born in June. That’s where she got all the light and colors. ~

Blue girl dreaming

Blue Girl Dreaming

~ She knows everything about being a woman ~



~ She does also, and she’s also aware of her spiritual path ~

KiKi - the adolescent

Kiki – the tormented adolescent

Badescu girls

Urban life setting

Urban life setting

Romania is my country

Romania is my country

Ligia Cremene-57

Fantasia (Neverending Story)

Ligia Cremene-10

Equilibrium ascendis

Ligia Cremene-10

Equilibrium ascendis

Ligia Cremene-14

I started early, took my dog, and visited the Sea

Ligia Cremene-22

 Child and the Sea

Ligia Cremene-54

New Beginning

Ligia Cremene-23

Red night out on the foggy lake

Ligia Cremene-5

“…dar totodată simți că rana aceea nu-i fusese pricinuită pentru ca el (Siddhartha) să o scormonească, ci ea trebuia să inflorească și să răspândească lumină.” ~ Hermann Hesse

Ligia Cremene-24

Twin Sun

Ligia Cremene-36


Ligia Cremene-30

Blue sail

Ligia Cremene-45

Cosmic Iris

Ligia Cremene-42


Ligia Cremene-29


Ligia Cremene-31

Beings of light

Ligia Cremene-40

Endless emergence (Rebirth)

Ligia Cremene-37

Exercising loneliness (with joy)

Ligia Cremene-49


Ligia Cremene-46

Something you wished for a longtime

Ligia Cremene-52

Japanese dolls (Waiting)

Ligia Cremene-27

Cosmic lights (Home)